PVB Treatment

Shaping and Cutting


prepares PVB interlayer sheets for the production of windscreens.

PVB SHAPING OR STRETCHING prepares PVB interlayer sheets for the production of windscreens. It gives both commercial and economical benefits to the windscreen producer.  increases the aesthetic and comfort values of top-shaded windscreens gives savings of 15-25 % with top-shaded PVB and 10 % with uniformly coloured PVB



Clear, tinted and top-shaded PVB can be processed. The line is well adapted for shaping both refrigerated and interleaved PVB.

It is equipped with automatic interleaf rolling-out system.


The machinery can be used for :

  • shaping top-shaded or uniformly coloured PVB with the minimum radius of 2100 mm
  • stretching PVB to optimal thickness within quality requirements
  • cutting clear and tinted interlayer at any desired angle between 0-25º
  • shaping, stretching and cutting machines can also be operated individually


Production Capacity

  • Shaping: The operating speed for shaper SMF 3: 3m/min, for SMF 6: 6m/min
  • Cutting: Max. speed for FCM cutter is 6 m/min; When used as a part of the line the cutting machine is synchronised with the shaper or relaxation module.


In optimal use, the line

  • minimises waste
  • offers considerable savings by more efficient use of PVB
  • decreases stock items

SMF Shaping Machine

The SMF machine shapes the PVB interlayer to the desired

curvature or stretches it to optimal thickness within the

quality requirements of the windscreen. It is adapted for shaping


  • clear, tinted and top-shaded interlayer
  • refrigerated and interleaved PVB
  • PVB up to 1200 mm wide
  • to the curvature of a minimum radius of 2100 mm
  • with the speed of 3 m/min ( SMF 3 ) or 6m/min ( SMF 6 )


The flexible operation and adjustment of the machine permits shaping for short production series.



The shaping process takes advantage of the thermoplastic properties of PVB. The interlayer is drawn from the roll through the heating, stretching and pre-cooling zones of the machine. The process is PLC controlled. The settings for production parameters, e.g. curvatureangle or production speed can easily be adjusted  or changed without interruption of the process.



The SMF machine is of a compact construction and can be installed in any dust-free area of the factory, with an ambient temperature of 20+-2ºC and RH of 25-30 %. For higher ambient temperatures the machine can be provided with a special controllable cooling system.


The basic machine is provided with


  • solid aluminium profile structure
  • no painted surfaces
  • individually PLC-controlled infrared radiators, which are ­automatically ­adjusted according to the desired ­temperature profile
  • an automatic PVB temperature monitoring system
  • HMI touch panel for the display of process parameters for the display of temperature profile and other parameters
  • temperature profile registration and recall from hard disk
  • patented system for shaping pigment-coloured top-shade ( U.S. pat., EUR. pat )
  • trolley for PVB roll
  • automatic interleaf rolling-out device



  • antistatic treatment of PVB
  • controllable cooling system for installation in high ambient temperature
  • working widths of 1000 and 1500 mm


                                                              SMF 3 -1250             SMF 6 -1250


Maximum working width:                 1250 mm                 1250 mm

Operating speed:                                3 m / min                 6 m / min


Main dimensions :

width:                                                    2400 mm                 2400 mm

length:                                                   1400+800 mm        2500 mm

height:                                                   2300 (2700) mm     2300 (2700) mm

Installed power:                                   35 kW                       75 kW

Voltage:                                                 230 / 400 V, 50 Hz, 5 wire system ( other voltages on request )

Relaxation Module REL

REL is a relaxation unit for the continuous

PVB SHAPING AND CUTTING LINE. PVB film, treated in the

shaper, obtains its final shape and dimensions during a

relaxation time of about ½ h. After the shaper PVB runs

to REL, where it can freely relax, proceeding simultaneously

to the cutter.


REL can also be used individually as a buffer of stretched or

shaped PVB interlayer, which can be left in the stationary REL

and then cut at a later stage. The working width of REL is 1250 mm.



                                                        REL 3 - 1250              REL 6 - 1250)

Maximum working width:           1250 mm                       1250 mm

Operating speed,

synchronised with SMF:               3 m/min                         6 m/min


Main dimensions :

width:                                              2100 mm                       2100 mm

height:                                             2500 mm                       2500 mm

length:                                             4000 mm                       6000 mm

( other lengths on request )


Installed power:                             1 kW

Voltage:                                           240/400 V, 50 Hz, 5 wire system ( other voltages on request )

FCM Cutting Machine

The FCM machine cuts automatically the PVB interlayer to the desired

angle and length for windscreen ­production.

Cutting can be performed l l l, / / / or / \ / \ .


The machine is adaptable for cutting


  • clear, tinted and top-shaded PVB
  • shaped and unshaped interlayer
  • refrigerated and interleaved PVB


The FCM is the cutting unit of the PVB SHAPING LINE, but is well

adapted for independent use. The working width of the

FCM is 1250 mm. The width of 1700 mm is available on request.



PLC controlled cutting is performed automatically by a horizontally

moving wheel. All process parameters can be adjusted during

production run without the need to stop the production.


The machine can also be operated manually.

The operation speed is synchronized with the speed of the shaper SMF or the relaxation unit REL. For unshaped, stretched or unstretched PVB the cutting speed can be adjusted according to necessity up to 6 m/min.




  • aluminium profile frame
  • full size conveyor belt for feeding and unloading
  • pneumatic wheel movement
  • cutting performed under safety covers



  • PVB roll support
  • interleaf rolling-out system for interleaved PVB, if used individually without the machines SMF and REL
  • trays for cut blanks and trolley for trays

Wedged PVB handling

SOFTECO WRB roll unwinding technology for wedged PVB film enables the automatic feeding of wedged film to the cutting table, or to the shaping line.


It is specifically designed to feed wedged PVB, which has one thicker side.  Thanks to an automatic centering system, no adjustments are needed when changing between wedged or flat film. The interlayer film can be automatically collected on a separate roll.



  • Antistatic bars eliminate static charge
  • A roll handling system can be added to the unwinder
  • Speed is adjusted to the following FCM cutter or the SMF shaper



PVB shape and bi-layer cutting


The Shape cutter cuts PVB with a multi-axis movement X-Y-Z. It is driven with a high-precision gear motor.

The PVB is fixed on the conveyor with vacuum to avoid any folds. It is operated with manual loading and unloading.



  • Maximum PVB size: 2000 x 2000 mm
  • The cutting unit is composed of a blade with manual height adjustment for cutting different thicknesses



PVB/PET cutting we can offer machine with double cutting edge to cut bilayer 2000 x 1200 mm

  • Average cycle time 18/20 sec
  • Maximum size of bi-layer: 2000 x 1200 mm

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